Asp net objectdatasource not updating

Asp net objectdatasource not updating

For example, my existing DAL library created a whole internal dataset for every table and every relationship in the database, rather than just for the specific table required. I will use Adventure Work's Department table as our database source, and we will create a cut-down DAL class that represents this table.While great for a Win Forms application with cached data, this design was too bulky for ODS. To do this we need to store the class in our project in the special Application Code directory (or Code for Express edition), in The most important thing to note about this function is that it is Static (for C also, shared if you use VB) ODS requires your object retrieval command to be shared so it can see the command without having to create an instance of the object first.Automatic operations through the Data Source control are not supported when you use standard Web User Control as a custom edit form.One of the best new features of the forthcoming ASP. However, as I found out in my experimentation what seems like a simple control has some complex behaviors to master to get it working properly.Hi, Telerik's team I am with a problem on try perform updates in my radlistview filled by an objectdatasource.

Rad Grid can extract values from columns that are set as read-only, if the column's Force Extract Value property is set to: The default value for the Force Extract Value property is "None", which means that the extraction of default values will not be performed for read-only columns.You can use these features while writing very little code.Once it is bound to a Data Source control that supports Insert, Update, and Delete operations, Rad Grid can take an advantage of the data source capabilities to perform the required operations with no code except error handling required.If (like me) you have an existing data access layer you may have to make changes to be able to use Object Data Source.I found lots of brief articles on the web about Object Data Source (ODS) but very few covered any detail, with no complete examples and many articles "cheated" by not using business objects, but by using datasets and data readers.

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