Capricorn dating a capricorn

Capricorn dating a capricorn

But no matter how the body is shaped, the goat will give the impression of being rooted to the spot, until he decides to move to another spot. Note her legendary tough business head and her earthy ambition.

They steadily follow the upward path, with inbred faith in the security of the well-traveled road, and contempt for the enticing short cuts they know are full of pitfalls.

They hammer away persistently, relentlessly, managing to digest insults, pressures, disappointments and duty as calmly as the goat digests rusty cans, broken glass and cardboard.

Like him, they have iron stomachs and dangerous horns.

Since the goat merges into the group so gently, unconsciously camouflaging himself into the background, it's not always easy to recognize the physical characteristics of this Sun sign.

Capricoms can be stocky and muscular, thin and wiry or plump and soft.

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Lots of energetic, impulsive people label them snobbish and stuffy. But they won't let their emotions blind them to the facts. If Capricorn writes a lovely poem, full of imagination and illusion, the theme will be solid and the punctuation will be correct.

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