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or M-Audio Revolution 5.1) for playing multichannel audio content Microsoft Active Sync (required only if you are using a Windows Mobile-powered Pocket PC or Smartphone)For more information about the version of Active Sync required for your device, see your portable device documentation.A device that supports file synchronization and has a Universal Serial Bus (USB) 1.1, USB 2.0, or Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1394 (such as Apple Fire Wire or Sony i. A USB 2.0 interface is recommended for best performance.After you click OK in the message, Internet Explorer will open Windows Media Player 10 and play the content you selected.To prevent the error message from being displayed every time you try use the Media Bar, do the following: Note The Media Bar feature for Internet Explorer is not included in Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2); therefore, if you install Windows Media Player 10 on a computer running Windows XP SP2, you will not see this error.If your computer has an older or unsupported decoder installed, you may receive one of the following error messages when you try to synchronize: "The remote procedure call failed", "Memory could not be allocated because no size has been set", or "The server threw an exception".If you are trying to synchronize either MPEG-2 or DVR-MS files, and encounter either of these issues, do the following: In some cases, the utility will suggest a Web site where an updated decoder might be available.

Back to Top For information about removing Windows Media Player 10 and rolling back to the previous version of the Player that was installed on your computer, see the Windows Media Player FAQ.

Back to Top Video files may be included in auto playlists for the Microsoft Recorded TV shows (DVR-MS files) in your library if you add any of the following filters as criteria that modify a "TV shows in my library" clause in an auto playlist.

When you want to add and edit media information for a single song, or several songs at the same time, by using Advanced Tag Editor, you should be aware that displaying and selecting additional songs in the Contents pane in Advanced Tag Editor may not work as expected.

The Player can automatically synchronize copies of your AVI video files to your portable device, provided that a decoder on your computer has converted the file copy to a different format.

For conversion to succeed, non-Microsoft decoder software that supports conversion must be installed on your computer.

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Synchronization may fail or you may not be able to play the synchronized files on the device.

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