Christian views dating non christians dating a saxophone player

Christian views dating non christians

(And we're not supposed to recognize this accusation of being a "hater" as a fallacious stratagem that undermines fair and productive dialogue.) However, there are good grounds to question such a claim, and I do so without malice.But in light of this widely used tactic, I offer the following disclaimer to the reader: If you are hide-bound by the dubious assumption that certain people are irrecoverably and genetically destined to act out same-sex impulses, and you habitually label as a 'hater' anyone who dares to question the belief that LGBT behavior is unavoidably mandated by one's DNA, let me be kind and save you some time.Faithful Bible-believers shouldn't be labeled ‘haters' or be treated like Jim Crow for simply being true to the same historic Christian faith that led to the of slavery, for example (contrary to the one-sided claims of men like James Cone).Time Out for a Quick Disclaimer: In recent years, it has become unpopular to question the LGBT claim, "God made me this way." Such a question is being defined as "hate" by some.(Non-readers, please withhold your comments Freedom of speech means that you're free to write on your own blog or website. But the fact that I acknowledge my need for ongoing confession and spiritual growth does not logically lead to the place where an entire advocacy group must be formed on my behalf to convince the world that being say, short-tempered, is okay. Furthermore, no Christian should ever want to identify personally with a sin for which Christ died.

This is why feelings of "heartbreak" often happen when people who've engaged in sexual intercourse then go their separate ways.The historic Christian view according to accurate biblical interpretation is that sex outside of the sacred bonds of male-female marriage is wrong.One practical reason the Bible forbids it is because of how powerful sex is.True Christians graciously express what Christians have believed about marriage and sexuality for 2000 years.Do we really deserve the scarlet letter B ("bigot") now just for believing that the Bible teaches what's best for families and for society?

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But it's usually the inarticulate, angry-faced ranter who gets the spotlight in our 'round-the-clock news world.

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