Dating outside my race

There are purposely more stores for women and the biggest of all consumers’ is the American black woman, followed by the American black man trying to please that woman. It doesn’t just apply to black women but all races.

But the biggest consumer of women is American black women.

Why does the white or Asian woman offer or leave a tip? Why is it when you go to the club and buy a black woman a drink she will take the drink and walk off like you are nothing?

Why is it that the white or Asian woman will buy you a drink? Why is it that you have to be in a Mercedes, BMW or Bentley just for her to give you some attention?

This is why less black men own homes, and look for the quickest route to the money.There is a saying in Latin America: “Mejorando la raza”. Of course, I will not lie and say that I do not have a PREFERENCE in terms of who I date, yet race has never factored in my decisions.It LITERALLY means, in the context of its intention, that if you marry a rich, white guy (or girl), you are already passing down a better life to your future children. I have black hair and almost black eyes, and I am tan, yet not completely ‘morena’, as some people would call it. Only good manners, a charming smile, and an easygoing demeanor.They often took the path of least resistance to reach their goals, which ultimately equals less black men in college.In fact, every race knows money attracts an American black woman, including our large department stores such as Macy’s, Target, Marshalls, Nordstrom’s, etc, and the list goes on.

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How To Get the man of your has decided to tackle one of the toughest and most controversial subjects of our century, with a solution and explanation through mathematical and economic deductive reasoning. If you talk to 100 black women and get one decent one, and you talk with 100 white women and get twenty decent women, it just makes mathematical and economic sense to date the women with whom you would have spent the most amount of time and had the least financial burden.

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