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Dating taking it slowly

These types are excellent manipulators and con-men.

If you’ve opened up to these sorts early on, they’ve gained a great advantage, because you’ve already taught them exactly what buttons to push.

Choosing a mate based on a ‘type,’ is like buying a car with a shiny exterior and a crappy engine.

A reader told me that a couple months into a relationship that she and her partner were having problems, so she decided to pick up and move away from her family and friends and to relocate her life and her job, all in the name of being closer to him and making it work.

A car can’t screw with your mind, body and bank account.

It can’t strip you of your sense of self-worth and self-esteem, or send you spiraling into a depression.

When your judgment isn’t clouded by emotions, or your libido, you are more apt to listen to your instincts and pay attention to the warning signs.

Real men respect women that respect themselves and they’re not afraid to put in the necessary time and effort to prove it.

So slow down, stay objective and take your time getting to know who someone truly is, before leaping in emotions first and before you give your heart away, make sure that they are worthy of it.

Psychopaths, Narcissists and all other types of shady individuals are on their best behavior in the early stages of dating.

And it’s usually these shady ones that are the most charming and try the hardest to impress.

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If you are of the type that gives their heart away so easily, it’s like you are carrying around a sign that says pick me, pick me, I’m desperate and I don’t respect myself, so you don’t have to either.

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