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Let me know if you build one for yourself or others.

This is not going to be the end all be all of the Latitude API.

Once they’ve shared out their badge or their user ID there is no way to know who else is tracking them.

You can’t even currently reset your User ID if you inadvertently share it – your only option to block a rogue app is to turn off sharing completely.

The lower the number, the more power devoted to Geo Location resulting in higher accuracy readings.

Both have to be turned on explicitly and allow you to share your location at the city level or as accurately as possible.

Display app settings to change permissions Display device location settings Platforms: Android Method can be used to detect user changes in location services settings.

@see for more information. @param limit Limits the number of entries Desired accuracy in meters.

I theorize that we will see some of the following features added for a formal release of the API.

User Control & OAuth – Right now a user can only turn the sharing on or off.

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Apps that use location services must request location permissions.

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