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And so the game went on, our guns coming into action in grand style.His expenditure, like his rhetoric, was in the ‘grand style.’ On the 20th we delivered an attack in the grand style, with every man and gun available.Verbs are often used in the imperative form, with the goal of swaying an audience.This form of speech has long been considered to be the peak of rhetorical skill, and many past pieces are still studied.Along with Homer, he cites Virgil, Dante, Milton, Sophocles and Pindar all as having used the grand style in their respective works.

What Homer has done, according to Arnold, is to employ successfully the grand style in 'prosaic subjects'.

Cicero described the style's positive and negative effects.

He commented on the eloquence and drive behind it, as well as the passion that it can convey to an audience.

Poets such as William Shakespeare and John Milton both used the grand style.

Augustine, notable for his On Christian Doctrine, expanded on Cicero's partition of the three styles by describing them as follows: the plain style is intended merely to be understood, the middle (or temperate) style is intended to be enjoyable to listen to and the grand style is intended to also be persuasive.

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