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Anyone got an opinion on Greece and it's effect on the EU Markets?Even the Greek rating downgrade hasn't unsettled anyone.Business is so competitive that even a BHP could lose half its value due a competitor having better management or changing circumstances.Look at qantas as example, when the going got tough, other airlines lifter their game while qantas almost disappeared due management's lack of foresight. I say yes Buy & hold is nether lucrative nor safe anymore, if you don't have the time or don't want to trade then you are better off in a managed fund.just managed to cover my shorts but didn't manage many new longs that I'm comfortable with.In all, a very frustrating month with just 26 new net positions, of which 7 are neutral (shorts covering).

used to be that the fundamentals remained fairly constant but no more, so buying & holding something you did homework on won't reduce your risk unless you keep looking at the fundamentals, and that's the point!

Been over at the "investment" thread but noone want to get drawn into day trading discussions so here I am with this thread, let's see how it goes If you are like me and mainly into Europe and US, you had a frustrating month so far.

Wed & Thu looked like the beginning of a controlled correction but by Fri things got flat again.

If you need to keep looking at what you own then you might as well trade it and compound your profits many times over. Sounds like my broker, whenever I complain about the performance of the portion of the portfolio I let him manage he always says "what about the dividend".

Here's an axample: Bought QBE to hold for profit target of 30%, been holding for 6 years, been up to , down to , the 30% never reached so still holding. For that reason "buy and hold" still has its place, figuring out where to look is the hard part, growth stocks. Frankly I don't factor that in the P&L calculation for AU & US shares, if I did I'd have to then calculate the cost of tying-up a lump of money and the cost of the risk, I just call it square and disregard dividends in the performance calculation.

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this can all be done with computer coding automatically but you can monitor in realtime if the code is beyond your capabilities , the coding saves you from having to watch nonstop , it can be autotraded with coding Don't want to drag this on for fear of more sarcasm from people on here only for lack of something else to do but you sharpened my curiosity...

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