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Myspace spam dating friends

REMEMBER: The narcissist is fully aware of this and that is why “pity” is such a powerful weapon for him to use against us as it so often delivers the result he wants.But ladies you must stand firm, because once he realises that he cannot manipulate you anymore he is likely to give up and leave you alone.It is because the narcissist needs other people to consistently maintain their fantasy view of themselves that they are constantly trying to mould the behavior of others to serve that purpose.They will use all forms of manipulation, positive (e.g. intimidation), to get what they need out of us at any given moment.

Much better to ignore him and your indifference will make him feel weak!!!

He represses his misery within his sub-conscious in order to survive (by avoiding painful thoughts that would lead him to depression & self-destruction).

This is the reason why he must live in a fantasy world and why it is vital to him to force others to entertain this self-created fabrication that he thinks of as his life. Narcissistic supply is the drug that takes away his pain.

To a normal person with compassion (like us) it feels so unnatural and cruel to ignore someone who appears to be in pain, especially if it is indicated that their pain is as a result of our behaviour.

It goes against everything that we have been taught about being a good person.

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