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If input resumes before that amount of time has passed then you restart the timer.

I realized I could use this to make improve the data filtering in some Flex Grid 101 samples.

This ensures that filtering doesn’t hold up the main UI Thread.

Basically I’ll wrap the filtering logic into its own function, wrap it in a GCD block, and, once the filtering completes, I can call set Needs Display to refresh the Flex Grid.

If any of these actions feel sluggish you’ll likely hear complaints and lose users.

Expensive handlers for these actions can bog your app down and make it feel unresponsive.

Debouncing minimizes this problem by limiting how often a function can fire and keeping your app responsive.

Recently I was introduced to concept of debouncing in Java Script, though the concept isn’t limited to web programming.

= UIAlert Controller.alert Controller With Title("Pomodoro Complete!

Filtering data when you have a large number of rows (10,000 ) in a Flex Grid can be an expensive operation.

Because of that, most Flex Grid samples require some kind of final input to start filtering (be it pressing enter or a UIButton).

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To add this custom behavior, you'll create a new subclass of def timer_button @timer_button ||= Selectable Button.button With Type(UIButton Type Custom)do |button| button.style Id = 'timer_button' Title(' Start Timer', for State: UIControl State Normal) Title("Interrupt!

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