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The 1930s dating

Through the ’20s, women would change outfits multiple times to appropriate fit the activities of their day.

But when the Great Depression hit, extraneous spending halted and women from farming families to high society circles resorted to “everyday wear” that stuck on them from morning to night.

But it was the attitude that a woman could live an active and productive lifestyle which changed the way all women dressed for the period.

Coco Chanel is quoted as once famously saying, “I want women to eat and laugh without fear of fainting,” meaning women should be able to wear clothing that was freeing and without the need for constrictive undergarments.

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So to help shed light on the changes the 1930s brought to feminine style, I worked with Hinesite Vintage to showcase 5 culturally important pieces for the era.

Keep reading after the jump to see these pieces of 1930s fashion and to read how they revolutionized the way women dressed!

for my education) that I realized just how much I love this underrated era of fashion!

The sportier side of this look was positively promoted by the era’s trend for healthy, athletic activities for women.It’s also important to note that the golden era of theater began in the ’30s and captivated the country because it was such a voyeuristic experience of the glitz, glam and gold that the average American couldn’t afford.Designs worn by Hollywood starlets (Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich to name a few) on the silver screen became some of the most copied styles in ready-to-wear fashion.TREND HISTORY: Influential ’30s designer Coco Chanel introduced the jersey knit two-piece suit as an economically fit and relaxed option for daywear women’s fashion.It was a surprise hit to the high society market because knit suiting was new to a woman of that caliber’s closet and pedigree of taste.

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The trend grew exponentially out of economical necessity during the Depression era ’30s.

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