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Walkie is sent there by the Western Electric Company. An angel of the Lord, with the appear- ance of lightning and with raiment white as snow, had descended glorious- ly from Heaven and with ease had rolled away the great stone. There was no one who believed that He would rise again, though more than once He had clearly said that that would happen. The career of this young man who had troubled them so was at an end. C, has been highly recommended by Miss Margaret Mc Quilkin and Chris Lubker- mann as a good worker for the sum- mer. He will not allow his name to be as- sociated with strong drink in advertise- ment on TV nor the use of tobacco. We think of Sep- tember as the month of return to school; and on Wednesday, Sept. Jefferson congregation had its first Fellowship Supper of the fall — the one honoring our young people who are going off to school or to work. October opened with a Sabbath Day this year, and therefore with Christian folk the world over sitting down at the Lord's Table together. C, and worked up for mailing at Glendale Springs, N. (Ashe County) General Business Of- fice — Glendale Springs, N. If there are those within the churches of our county who have not been contacted for your own church for 1968, we hope you will get in touch with your treasurer or every- member canvass committee and send in your estimate of your pledge for 1968. 15, the men of the congregation had a get-together and covered-dish supper. 23, the day set apart by the nation — this year for penitence as well as thanksgiving — the congregation met at in the morning, at the church, for prayer and praise and service. The church meetings are held But few attend Just another sign to show That the world is nearing its end. In Memory The congregation of the Bethel Pres- byterian Church were saddened by the passing of Mr. Cassell taught Sunday School or gave a splendid Christian talk at their church. Cassel was a member of the First Methodist Church of North Wilk- esboro, N. i Wh tm msgrnm WMMm WINTER TIME SCENE at the Manse at Glendale Springs, depiciting what is soon to come. Mc Caulev The marriage ceremony of Mike Mil- ler the son of Mr. The Memorial Building is not only used by four or five dozen boys each week for basketball, pingpong and oth- er games, but it is used for the wo- men of the church, wedding showers and receptions, Barbeque and fellow- ship suppers for the Glendale Church and Field. consists of represen- tatives from Presbyteries, Synods, and classes of the Presbyterian Church, U. Yet, with the hymn-writer whose life of trial was nevertheless a close walk with God, may we too "trace the rainbow through the rain, and know the prom- ise is not vain that morn shall tear- less be". PAGE FOUR THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN MARCH, 1968 eautification Of Higliway 16 Highway 16 is one of the main en- trances into Ashe county. Though he had professed to believe he had never really declared openly he was a follower of Christ which is the real meaning of baptism. The success of the venture is contingent on 7,000.00 being given by the Ap- palachian Regional Development Com- mission and 4,000.00 by the Federal Aviation Authority. A car pulled up along the road near a ham house owned by the Longs. While one man held a pistol on the three who were bound, the other man beat the small safe open with a sledge hammer. Long who was away came back about a half hour after the robbery. Whitley was rjorn in Al- leghany county of Levi and Sarah Vannoy Whiteley June 24, 1889. After be- ing a member of the Baptist Church for a number of years he united with the Presbyterian Church at Glendale Springs where he made his residence. Whiteley was one of the original members of the church at Glendale Springs. In thee we cannot die; Grant us to conquer in the strife, And dwell with thee on high. Badger's Funeral Home Wishing You The Hope of Easter Phone 246-7961 West Jefferson, N. Faw Insurance Agency Wishing You The Insurance of Easter Security and Service since 1924 Phone 838-7125 North Wilkesboro, N. Good Used Clothing and Household Items Outfit Your Whole Family For Just A Few Dollars. The moving picture film, "The Un- believers" was shown in two churches.Marsha Elane Bare his daughter is registered at Glade Valley School for the 1966-67. We are looking forward to hav- ing Frank with us starting June 10. Luke, visited two young people from Glendale Springs in the Baptist Hos- pital, Angie Stroud and Judy Miller, i£iiiiiii®iii mm ■ ■ ■ ■■;■■.■.■.■. We hope all young athletes who strive to get to the top will take notice of the clean cut example of Bobby Richardson. And for our observance of World Wide Communion, Oct. the Jefferson ladies of our con- gregation, along with Mother Barr, provided a beautiful new set of Com- munion service. 12, one of the charter mem- bers of the old West Jefferson Pres- byterian Church, Mrs. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION This statement is required by the U. We hope each one will give and plan to give as God has prospered The Psalms And Today's Prohlems In Psalm 144 the 14th and 15th vers- es we hear of how to meet the prob- lems of our days crimes and dissatis- faction. Dial 246-3161 Belk's Department Store "The Home of Better Values" Christmas and New Year Greetings. "Peace loving People" used to Be the expression Can this still be said in spite Of all the agression. It's time to give some thought To a sinner's salvation. Each and every one For there will be no peace Until God's work is done. There are parts of the interior of this building that are not finished, such as painting, completion of toilets and oth- er details, yet our work goes on and the usefulness of the building has gone far beyond our expectation. S., the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the Reformed Church in America, and the United Presbyterian BANKS OF ICE formed during the cold January weather, when the temperature dropped to sub-zero. i The C & S S ing Center i Wishing All A Happy Easter I i All your grocery needs, and 5 & 10c Store I j Phone 384-3544 Lansing, N. J I Easter Greetings From Segraves Oil Company, Inc. It enters Ashe county at the county line and passes under and connects the Blue Ridge Parkway with the country in the most northwestern section of North Carolina as well as western Virginia. was united in marriage Curtis Miller Is Now In Air Force Curtis Miller, son of Mr. Dean Miller, of Laurel Fork Church is in the Air Force and has been lo- cated in Texas. A group of us left the office and went to Captain Dick's little humble bamboo house in the village. The location is near the Ashe Central School, east of Jefferson. A pretended call from the car to buy a ham was given by one of the robbers. Long went to the porch, she was seized by two men and was oeaten over the head with a pistol. Long in the house at the point of a pistol, two others in the house were tied up with tape and wire. Long was compelled to show the robbers where a small safe was lo- cated also other trunks and boxes which the robbers wished to rob. The contents were put in a pillow case and a sheet from the bed and taken to the car. Warrents for two men have been issued and a third sus- pect is still at large. He was called of God on March 8, 1968 His age at death being 78 years, 8 months and 14 days. Whiteley taught school for a number of years in Ashe county and retired in his home at Glendale Springs, N. In the last few years of his life he lived at the Grand View Rest Home at Jefferson, N. Willa Barn Thrift Shop Open Monday Through Saturday, 9 a. At Glendale Springs the film was shown in the Memorial Building be- fore basketball games on February 27.It is a proven fact that the more liquor that is turned loose in the coun- try the more crime is committed, the more crime we have the more taxes we will have to pay. Among those who came there was a little boy, and the artist, interested in knowing if the child really understood the message of the painting, stooped down and asked him what the picture was about. But a few moments later he found the boy who had run after him standing breathlessly at his side. Soldiers were even stationed on guard to prevent anyone's coming and removing the body. " As that first glorious Easter morning dawned, the soldiers had fled in fear, the stone had been rolled away, the grave itself was empty. Price Gwyn, 74, was called un- to his eternal life on Friday, Feb- ruary 10. No enterprise that had ever been attempted in the world seemed more completely at an end than did that of Jesus. He was in a grave, and the hope of the world lay buried in that tomb. It means that those who accept the Christ of Calvary can cry victoriously, "O death, where is thy sting, and where, O grave, is thy victory? West Jefferson, A Happy Easter Mc Neill's On The Square' "The Friendly Place To Shof *' North Carolina \ •r Presbytery . Sunrise Service on Easter, with the men's ''ham and egg breakfast" following, was well attended; as was also the regular worship service, when the message of Christ's Last Beati- tude — "blessed are they that have (Continued on pag^ 3) littr BOBBY RICHARDSON Bobby Richardson Is Against Liquor Bobby Richardson, champion second baseman of the New York Yankees, has always stood against the use of liquor and alcoholic drinks. News Heard From Mount Jefferson We are told that our American In- diana reckoned the full moon before the Equinox to be the Harvest moon, and the one after to be the Hunter's moon. The "Ashe Presbyterian" was started and owned by the men of the Presby- terian Churches in Ashe County, and now represents the following fields of churches in this county of Ashe: Mt. Stewardship In Ashe County At this time of the year the Steward- ship efforts are being completed in all fields in Ashe county fields of churches. j Phone 246-7811 FORD — Sales and Service Season's Greetings! Funeral services were held in the Lansing Presbyterian Church on Sun- day afternoon, September 17, by Dr. Christmas Greetings Phone 246-3231 West Jefferson, N. The Evangelists and Missionaries Are doing their best. He taught Sunday School and made many Christian talks at request in Wilke ; county. to Miss Deann Marie Mc Caulley, of Green- ville, S. The Glendale Springs teams played basketball at Glade Valley School on Monday. The second team won and the first team of Glendale lost. James Monroe and Tom Murrell rep- resented Winston-Salem Presbytery at the annual meeting, and the Reverend John Mac Queen, of Sparta, also at- tended the pastors conference which followed. Sunday, January 21, winter Communion was observed, and after the final hymn, all remained for a season of united prayer for the sick — a service that was a blessing to all. The ceremony was per- formed in the Laurel Fork Presby- terian Church on January 12. " Several of our believers who had followed in baptism and had suffered persecution were present in the office that morning. The facility will be a great addition to the county and is expected to be a great boost to progress. Glade Valley School Campus Glade Valley, North Carolina PAGE EIGHT THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN MARCH, 1968 Prohibition Ordered To Curb Riots Christ is arisen, Joy to thee, mortal! Christ is not sleeping, Seek Him no longer; Strong was His keeping, Jesus was stronger. Seek Him not here; Lonely His prison, Empty His bier; Vain His entombing, Spices and lawn, Vain the perfuming, Jesus is gone. EASTER CHORUS FROM FAUST \ The Witnessing Season was promot- ed by the distributi n of the Prayer Guide for the eight day period of self denial and prayer in the Glendale Springs Field.It is also a proven fact that liquor is causing a tremend- ( Continued on page 3) Walkie Bare Is At • Lehigh University Walkie Bare, son of Don Bare, of the Ebenezer community is taking graduate work at Lehigh University. Something very wonderful had happened — a most unheard of thing. "Christianity died with Christ and was laid with Him in the sepulcher" — so men thought. For the grave had closed its mouth upon the Master who claimed to be the Life of the World. " Its message is the message of angels, and there message is the triumphant cry. Wishing You The Hope of Easter Belk's Department Store "The Home of Better Values" Dial 246-3161 West Jefferson, N. i i \ SEASONS GREETINGS FROM THE Casliion Oil Company Distributors of Pure Oil North Wilkesboro, North Carolina ! C, JUNE, 1967 Return Postage Guaranteed NUMBER 2 Frank Johnson Is Here For Summer Frank Johnson, a student from Co- lumbia Bible College, Columbia, S. In his ten years with the Yankees, Bobby stood out against the use of alcoholic drinks. This year September's full moon was a Harvest moon. 24, Rally Day with its promotions was observed; and on the following Tuesday, the church was represented at the fall session of Pres- bytery, held at Glade Valley, by Elder Charles Davis and the minister. Luke, Editor Date of filing form with informat- ion Dec, 1967. The office of Publication — The paper is printed by The Skyland Post Printers, West Jefferson, N. Jefferson, Lansing, Ebenezer, and Glendale Springs. Pre-Stewardship literature has been sent out the motion picture "Decis- ion" ha~ been shown in many of our churches pledge cards have been giv- en out and sent out and budgets have been presented before congregations for 1968. At home and abroad, where war And poverty are the major pests. Airy Presbyterian Church is now doing supply work in churches where he can be of assistance. David Smiley left Glade Valley, the Ebenezer Field of Churches has had no regular preaching services. The people of Bethel Church had enjoyed many occasions when Mr. We know God has blessed him in his eternal home, as he was a faith- ful servant of his Lord and Saviour. We are hoping Glade Valley will play a return game at our Memorial Building in the future. February has been a month of full hospitals, with one elderly person in the Ashe County Hospital coming over the old Scotch saying: "A green Christ- mas makes a fat kirk-yard". Gwyn Sheets of the Peak Creek community on January 2. ; Mi GLENDALE SPRINGS PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH is shown during the snow in January. As we discussed the mat- ter it was their decision that we should not have a Christian funeral. The officers are expecting to have the county's quota completed during April. The members were ask- ed to use these Guides in their devo- tions.

Glendale Women Attend Meet ins On April 21 a group of the Women of the Glendale Springs Presbyterian Church attended the Presbytery of Winston-Salem at the Highland Pres- byterian Church in Winston-Salem. November saw another who has been very close to the church here, though living in Florida, namely, Mrs. Rogers is just north of the Ashe county and Virginia line. It is above the tree line of oaks and other leaf trees except the Mountain Ashe which is full of red berries. Tom Smith is now at home and recuperating from hospitalization. These things will not happen nor be prevalent if people turn to God. It is hoped that all citizens along the highway will cooperate by fixing up fences, removing old cars and painting up old buildings as well as removing unsightly rubbish. On his face there was a look of peace and contentment. She was known by all as a fine Christian mother, and was looked up to by all in the time of trouble. She circled the body, repeated some verses from a Hindu holy book, and thrust the torch into the face of her dead husband. And then, when morning came, I saw Him hang it out to dry. Box 1285 Season's Greetings Complete Insurance Service North Wilkesboro, N. Mike will be on a choir tour for the college the first part of June and will begin his stay with us about the 26th of June.

Ashe Ministers Oppose Whiskey The Ashe County Ministerial As- sociation at their regular meeting on February 14 took action to go on rec- ord as opposing "liquor by the drink" and brown bagging. He lived in the Peak Creek community while active and at his death was liv- ing with his daughter, Mrs. The Boy Scouts of Laurel Springs practice and play basketball also in the gym. Both Joe and Larry made short talks at Sunday School as their witness for Christ. Frank aspires to be a missionary as his life's calling. The county raised about 0,- 000 for the purpose of improving the present hospital. DECEMBER, 1967 THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN PAGE THREE Extension Meet A t Yadkinville On Oct. The meeting was well at- tended and the discussion of the min- imum salary basis was the main topic of the evening. The house was decorated with golden flowers, and a beautiful wedding cake with golden bells on the top layer reigned as the predominant touch to the anniversary. Goss was survived by his wife, Estella Powers Goss, two daughters, two step-daughters and one step-son. Dexter was a believer in Christ and leaves his testimony as a Christian, to brighten the lives of those who sur- vive him. We take the golden grain, the sun- warmed fruit, The captured taste and smell of sum- mer days; We offer our thanksgiving and our praise For life that fed the flower and the root. DECEMBER, 1967 THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN PAGE FIVE Wake Up Americans (By David Sheets — One of the young people in the Gleiidale Springs Pre=bvterian Church. At Christmas time boxes for certain homes in the community are filled and deliv- ered. Under his leadreship the College has made marked progress. May God bless these who have come into the Lord's Kingdom by faith and profession. Former Pastor Is Now In Virginia Synod of Virginia. David Sheets and Mark Miller are in their first year at Lees Mc Rae College, Banner Elk, N. (1) At- tend the worship services regularly, (2) Make a diligent effort to win souls for Christ, (3) To teach and de- velop the children as in Sunday School, (4) To be a good stewardship, and give generously and regularly. Jesus is the great Light of the world, and He will shine through us and His church if we will let Him. After the deep snow a short thaw came and school buses plowed through and stuck in the mud of the back roads. With a bag containing barber tools slung over his shoulder he made his rounds among the foreigners. The out- break theer began early Sunday morn- ing after police arrested 73 persons in a raid on an illegal drinking spot.

The Association, moreover, would encourage and urge individuals to express themselves to their representatives against these two ways of making whiskey flow freely in our state. ISSUED QUARTERLY— MARCH JUNE, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER Subscription Price 25c Per Year Entered as Second Class Matter Postage Paid, July 21, 1925 at the Post Office of Jefferson, N. Zip Code 28640 EDITORIAL Iii Memory Of Loved Ones Easter By Janet Robinson Sometime ago I remember reading the story of an artist who had just completed a picture of the Crucifixion. Loving women coming to the tomb that Easter morning with spices to complete the anointing of Jesus had been troubled as to just how they could get into the tomb. The young people of Laurel Fork Church also have some of their meet- ings and recreation in the memorial building. will be entertained by the Women's Demonstration Clubs of the county. News From Mount Jefferson Church The spring months of March, April, and May, having reversed the usual order, have given us rain at the end rather than at the beginning. ISSUED QUARTERLY— MARCH JUNE, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER Subscription Price 25c Per Year Entered as Second Class Matter Postage Paid, July 21, 1925 at the Post Office of Jefferson, N. Sentinal Insurance Agency,, Iiic, Complete Insurance Service I P. It is now learned that the government will supplement the funds raised so that a much larg- er hospital can be built. Free distribution — We send about 120 of one quarterly as sample copies and distribute by hand in the churches of Ashe County about 300. The above is a true statement as far as we are able to render. The following from the Glendale Field attended: Guy Sheets from Beth- el. The reception given by the child- ren of the family began at 2 p. Refreshments were served as cordial greetings and congratulations were exchanged by relatives and friends. Fred Miller many happy years and with God's blessings they shall have them. Also surviving are his mother, two brothers and one sister. Goss was a loyal member and a deacon of the Lansing Presbyterian Church, and a hard-working and re- spected citizen. Funeral services were held at the Christian Fellowship Mission at Mc- Grady, and enterment was in the Per- ry Cemetery. Since we are free to speak and think and feel, To fill our tables and our minds, then let No foolish pride absorb us, nor forget How small we are, how humbly we should kneel. David is fir U year student at Lees-Mc Rae College.) Religion and life are drifting. Large print Bibles have been sent by the women to the nursing home in the county. Welcome Given To New Members We want to give a welcome to the following members who professed their faith in Christ this year. May God's everlasting Spirit help theme to be always faithful. He will be the past- or of the Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church. John Stanley, who has been in the Presbytery of Piedmont in the Synod of S. and the pastor of Pendelton Presbyterian Church, has recently moved to Lexington Presbytery in the W. The ground hog is the great weather prophet in our county and he did not see his shadow very clearly, so we are hoping for clearer weather for the fu- ture — even the ground hog makes mistakes. was united in marriage to Paul Sheets, of Wilbar, N. on February 17 at the manse at Glendale Springs, N. DANCY AND RHYNE Miss Jo Ann Dancy, the daughter of Mr. Dennis Dancy, of Glen- dale Springs was married to Phillip Fugene Rhyne, the son of Mr. Five years ago Captain Dick asked the Lord to save him and showed some evidences of Salvation. Crow Company Wholesalers and Distributors Health and Beauty Aids Candy ■ — Hosiery — Paper Products — School Supplies j Phone 838-8552 North Wilkesboro, N. MARCH, 1968 THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN PAGE SEVEN Airport Planned For Ashe County In this era of Ashe county progress an airport is being planned by the Ashe County Airport Authority. News and World Report: "I closed all the bars for one thing, all the taverns, all the package stores, all the places that sell liquor, not only in Newark but in surrounding com- munities — in an effort to dry out this town, because obviously drinking and dissipation have much to do with set- ting off violence." Other cities followed suit — Plain- field, N. If drinking is not a major cause of these riots, it does appear to be an ever present factor.

She continued her education at the Biblical Theological Seminary in New York where she received her M. She taught in the schools of North Carolina and taught Bible in the schools of Florida. Bowlin a parson of fine talents, but was a dedicated Christian. Or would you hope they'd stay away until His visit ends?

Bowlin was an honor student and graduate of Glade Valley School, also of Appalachian State Teachers College. She received her Doctorate in 1958 as the first woman to receive this degree from Vanderbilt in religioui education. Would you be glad to have Him meet your very closest friends?

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He Is ut Is Risen PAGE TWO THE ASHE PRESBYTSRIAN MARCH. The room in the Memorial Building occupied by Chris will be furnished for Frank. Luke enjoyed the meeting, and the splendid lunch ser , T - FRANK JOHNSON ed afterward. PAGE TWO THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN JUNE, 1967 S THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN Official Organ of the Presbyterian Churches of the Glendale Springs, West Jefferson, Jefferson, and Lansing Groups. Thomas Bowie, was called home by the Lord; and the following Sunday. 15, two adults united with the church on profession of faith, while other two united by church letter. Read the verses 14 and 15 of the above Psalm and you will see that the Psalmist, David who was a king and head of the Jewish nation can tell us about how to handle the problems of a nation. Government, is the highest mountain in the state of Virginia. ROGERS MOUNT JEFFERSON (Continued from ~-na C \ ) cuts greenery for Christmas, such a^ Christmas trees, and balsam tips which are woven into evergreen rop- ing which is used to decorate the streets of many of our cities for the Yule tide. West's who owns some acreage on the top of this mountain is in the picture. "Bring ye the tithes into storehouse of the Lord." the (Continue: from pag3 I) Bruce Porter, called home by the Lord. — David Sheets Me Carty Preaches At Ebenezer The Field of churches consisting of Ebenezer, Low Gap and Peak Creek were glad to have Rev. Appalachian Council Meets In Bristol The annual meeting of the Presby- terian Appalachian Council was held in Bristol during the last week in No- vember. A program has been Initiated, and money has been secured to help the citizens beautify the above highway, from the Blue Ridge Parkway through Glendale Springs to Jefferson, the county seat of Ashe county. Curtis has completed his basic training and was at 'home for a short time. His two daughters, ages 10 and 12, ran to me for comfort. The planes owned by citiz- ens of the county are based in or near North Wilkesboro. About $4 000 and a valuable coin collection belonging to a neighbor was stolen. LYNDA BIRD WEDS PRESBYTERIAN Lynda Bird Johnson, daughter of President and Mrs. Johnson, was married in the White House De- cember 9 bv Canon Gerald N. Marine Corps, who is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Clinton Shepherd Returns From Korea Clinton Shepherd, a member of the Bethel Presbyterian Church in Wilkes county, has returned from South Ko- rea where he had been serving as an M. This picture was also shown at Bethel Presbyterian Church on February 28.

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