Updating intellisense in visual studio 2016

Installing Visual Studio should not mess with any previously installed Node JS instances.Ok now you can go download the latest Visual Studio here.Angular is quickly gaining popularity in the Microsoft and . With the cooperation of the Angular Team from Google and the Type Script team from Microsoft a lot of developers have given both sides a second look at the new technology stacks.This post will cover the setup work for the Angular tooling and development experience with Visual Studio.With the proliferation of so many new tools around the Java Script community it can be overwhelming coming from a integrated solution stack such as . Microsoft has been hard at work creating support for the new advanced tooling in Visual Studio making it a very powerful IDE for front end web development.So in this blog post we are going to cover a few key steps in getting up and running with Angular and Visual Studio.

For modern web development I recommended to use the 2015 edition.

Almost all modern web development tooling is built on top of Node JS.

If you are not familiar with Node JS it is a Java Script runtime that we can use to create Java Script development tools and servers.

I notice this Corporate provided installer has the /No Web flag set, probably for security purposes, since as developers we are allowed to run VS in admin mode in order to effectively debug code.

EDIT/UPDATE BELOW: Also, I notice that we're using Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 (Version 14.0.23107.0 D14REL).

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For this post this is the version we will use, but the rest of the post could be applied for other editions as well.

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