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Updating psp system

but if you think about it 5000 units returned to sony is alot but compared to 200,000 units that were sold 5000 isnt very much defects and a lil i bet accounted that werent returned and plus they fixed it for the returned units too, and if you order from ebay right now or the second batches from japan i hardly doubt your chances of getting a defect psp is high at all i ordered two on ebay my bro got one and i did too no defects on it at all there is no dead pixels, no umd flying out by twisting, the anolog didnt fall out worked and was built strong and the square button worked perfect and i'm glad i ordered mine while the us customers waiting and worried about the launch date i can just sit around reading about if its delayed or pushed back to april or later in june for the us launch also when the us versions come out they usually restrict more things within the firmware i wouldnt be surprised if the us psp couldnt play all region games or movies =/ but i got mine after ordering from ebay!

and i found it had no defects at all and no dead pixels either it worked perfect!

im happy with built in wifi and going to hotspots to check for email or football scores, or listening to mp3's, gaming and watching movies at the airport. – by moggeveryone seems to forget or ignore the fact the without a decent sized memory card(128 mb ) the psp's movie/mp3 usage is practically useless.

the 32mb card that it comes with is large enough for game saves, but that's about it.

all you people who think you'll only spend 0 are dead press as well as game sites are downplaying this fact very, very, much.

bla, bla, bla…sony says they won't sell umd burnables, but again, look around, they can be found and will.” so i guess you will be one of the two individuals purchasing mp3's and movies on sony's umd format? i seriously doubt they will ever release burnable umd's. not to mention the fact that third parties would cry foul. since you already have your 32mb one with your psp, just save games on that and other things on your 512mb stick.

here is a link so you can purchase your memory card from sony, pockets. – by assassination forcei was skeptical about the psp as well because about all the defects in japan people were getting.

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improved functionality with just a simple download is an ideal plus in the sony column.

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