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Adding the English en-GB language pack to Windows 10 1607 as part of an MDT build and capture can cause the indexing service not to work depending on how its being added. You will note that I have commented on this forum post as I have been working over the past 2 weeks to resolve the issue.To avoid this indexing issue the language pack needs to be added to the original 1607 media that Microsoft released last July 2016.(Rather than generating mock objects dynamically at runtime, I still have to create fake implementations myself and pass off method calls to the Light Mock framework).was invoked with the correct parameters (which implies that my controller grabbed the phone number correctly from the database using the current user’s identity).I am a huge fan of test driven development (well, I don’t practice “pure” TDD – I typically write small chunks of code, then test it right away before moving on to the next piece of code, rather than the canonical approach of writing tests first, then implementing code to make those tests pass. In my approach to software development, I like to write small, single-responsibility components, and test that they behave as I expect them to.To facilitate this approach, I make heavy use of dependency injection so that each of my components can focus on a small handful of tasks, and pass off responsibility to other components to take care of the rest.

NET Core are still quite limited – I’ve only been able to get Light Mock.v Next working (you can read about my experience with that here) – while better than nothing, still requires a bit more heavy lifting than I’d prefer.

Before I get to my discovery, let me share some backstory. NET framework which requires Windows, or Mono on Mac or Linux).

NET 5), I was really impressed and was excited at the prospect of running ASP. NET Core (which is the slimmed down “core” framework that runs cross-platform, as opposed to the full .

If you’re new to Moq or mocking in general, I hope this post has given you ideas as to the mighty potential something like Moq in helping us as software engineers deliver robust and resilient code by proving (via unit tests, I’m a software engineer that has his roots in . I’m currently building cloud services using Java on Linux.

I love the power of C# and the versatility of web services and Linux. NET liberty is the place where I share my adventures and learning in these areas with the world.

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use the CBB media that was released in November 2016.

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