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As allies of the Byzantines the Khazars not only stemmed the Arab advance into Europe (from the seventh century onwards) but earlier helped to bring about the downfall of the Persian empire by supplying the Byzantine emperor, Heraclius, with 40,000 soldiers under the leadership of Ziebel in 627.

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How far are religion and 'race' distinguishable indicators of ethnicity?

These questions have plagued mankind from time immemorial and attempts to answer them have never been wholly satisfactory but have often incurred danger.

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Their capital, Itil, was at the crossroads of east-west as well as north- south trade routes, and the Khazars extracted a large revenue from taxing goods passing through their territories, not only towards the high civilisations of Islam and Byzantium but also towards the western European kingdoms, northern Europe, and the Turkic peoples to the east of their domains.

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